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Custom Leatherwork

Price list (All prices subject to change)

Bronc Nosebands $60-$90
Breastcollars $100-$175
Bridles $60-$90
Saddle Crosses $15-$25
Belts $60-$90

Pictured below is examples of items I have made for myself and friends in the past.

Spur Straps Noseband
Headstall One ear headstall
One ear headstall Holder
Bookmarks Bookmarks


Everything I make is custom, so NON-refundable 50% deposits must be made on all tack orders (excluding saddle crosses).

All tack is made with two pieces of 7-9 oz leather glued and sewn together to ensure strength and durability.  Concho screws do tend to come loose, so you should check your tack every time before you ride to ensure you and your horses safety.  I suggest putting “Loctite adhesive” in your concho screws to ensure they won’t come loose.  (Do not apply this if you plan on changing your conchos).

Replacement/Repairs are done free of charge ONLY if the item is faulted due to makers error (ME).  If the item has faulted due to misuse or abuse, I will still repair it (if possible) but the customer (YOU) will assume all costs/charges.

Shipping charges and responsibilities are that of the customer.  I do suggest purchasing insurance for your item during shipping.

This following rule would apply to any tack you purchase in the store, but I still think it is worth mentioning.

Due to the un-predictable nature of horses, livestock and all activities surrounding them, Creekland Ranch and its owners cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to people, horses or property while using any of our products.

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